Harald is a psychiatrist with special interest in trauma and psychotherapy.  He is a pioneer of research into the application of sacred geometry, place names and shamanic techniques to unlock ancient earth mysteries. His work holds the promise not only of connecting with the consciousness of the planet, but making equally profound and revelatory inner journeys.


Keith Hagenbach BBS BA Dip Psych

Dr Haraldur Erlendsson MD DCN MSc MRCPsych

‚Äč‚ÄčKeith earned his degrees in Business Studies [Hons] and a BA in English at the Trinity College in Dublin.  He is published author and a trained psychotherapist.  He has published three novels with W H Allen The Fox Potential in 1980, The Rat Quotient in 1981 and The Fat Cat Affair in 1982.  He then co-authored with Dr Christine Page The Mind Body Spirit in 1999.